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      I have a very old, solid wood desk. The kind of desk you would find in an Haverty’s or Ethan Allen furniture store from about 20 years ago. Its huge, brown, L-Shaped and takes up a ton of floor space. I am planning to build a new home in a few years and thinking of ditching the desk and just having a new one built into the new house, but I hate a desk that puts my back to the wall. Stand alone desk today are not very ergonomic and either look almost the same as my old desk or have no storage. Ever time I find a desk I might like its either several (3-6) thousand dollars or the desk was some prototype that some guy in a far away land wants one but no manufacture actual builds the desk. I’ve searched Pinterest and Google till my eyes have bled.

      The desk I’m looking for needs to have 3 drawers with inserts to divide for supplies, room for a keyboard tray and Monitor mounts, have an island for monitor and work space, and be solid enough to hold Rig, Monitor, and all my tech. I was thinking of doing a concrete desk with a resin poured texture or finish, but also thinking about sit/stand features, hexagon or half circle shape. It should also have built-in Cable/Sat, Ethernet, USB fast charging ports and cable management I want something that looks modern and says ‘Niiiiice’ not IKEA with storage features for all my personal stuff Tools, pens, paper, paperwork (bills and stuff) adapters, cables, software. The visual set up would be for a Larger 50″ +/-screen TV and 34ish inch monitor.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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