Hi first of all ^^

This Build is the first PC for my beloved girlfriend and as she wanted me to put one together for her i cant just let her go with a stock looking pc so i decided to pay her a custom watercooled loop.

there are some things special regarding this build.

specs are pretty standard lower cost components:

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x (repaired broken/bent pins)
GPU: RTX 3060
MB: X470I Asus strix (repaired missflashed BIOS)
RAM: 32GB (2×16) 3600MHZ corsair vengeance RGB
PSU: Corsair SF750
CASE: Lianli O11D mini snow edition
STORAGE: 1TB WD BLACK nvme gen3.0

Well those specs are just to keep the costs quite low for her since she cant pay too much for it and i wanted to surprise her with its looks^^


3060 Waterblock:
so there are first of all no waterblocks officially supporting any 3060 graphics card however if you compare some 3070 pcbs with the 3060 pcbs the layouts are the same and therefore you can use those waterblocks since the chip hight is the same as well.

FAN Mounting:

The Build will be put on a furry surface therefore the airflow cant really flow from bottom to the top. thats why i am completely relying on the watercooling loop to transfer all heat from the components and go for a top intake and side/ bottom/back outlet. to compensate the lack of airflow a bit i decided to use Liquid metal instead of thermal paste. The results are around 20°C lower than stock.

Watercooling Loop:
It is made with 16mm tubing and golden fittings all parts except the cpu block are from bykski the cpu block is from barrowch. Coolant from EKWB and the pump is a vpp655 from alphacool (had to dremel out holes for mounting). the temperature preassure and flow sensor was just laying around so i thaught i just go with that too

the cables are custom made to fit the perfect length for this setup. sleeves used are by MDPCX. selfmade