What can I say? I know I don’t have the most high spec parts, but I just like to mod. My build keeps evolving.
I included a original picture of what build started out as and why I named it poop shoot, hence all the PVC…lol

I share this PC with my wife. Games we play WoW, American Truck Simulator, The Witcher Series, Detroit Becoming Human, Control, Little Nightmares, Tomb Raider, Hellblade, A Plague Tale…

Ryzen 5 3600
MSI Ventus 3060ti
Gigabyte Aorus Pro B550m
Team Group T-Force 3600Mhz
XPG M.2 512gb
WD M.2 500gb
Silverstone 650watt PSU
FreezeMod CPU waterblock
Bykski GPU waterblock
EK FLT120 D5
Corsair Hydro XR5 360 Radiator
Bykski Dgital Flow Meter
Barrows 240 Radiator
Mix of Raidmax, Scythe, and Noctua fans