Pretty basic build Ryzen 5 2600x on a B450 Steel Legend Mobo. 16gb DDR4 3200 Corsair Vengence pro ram with 2 additional sticks of their RGB only ram. Gigabyte 1660 OC triple fan GPU. an Artic Freezer 34esports duo cooler, in a Sahara P35 Case. 6 ARGB Pirate turbo fans and Braided cables.

The rest of the room is decorated with items I have collected over the years.
The keyboard is the Drevo Gramr with custom keycaps and the mouse is the Logitech G305.
Sound is through the Mackie CR4 Special edition speakers and the Razer Nari wireless headset. The mike is the Blue Yeti on a boom arm.
Sound dac 4TB ext harddrive Echo Show 5 And Xbox Elite controller finish the desk item list.