ThermalTake core p5 (modded acrylic panel and painted case gun metal)
msi 970 gaming pro
amd FX8350 vashira 8 core
Evga GTX 1060 6g FTW edition
corsair cx750w
16g (2×8) 1666mhz
120g kingston ssd
seagate barracuda 2T 7200rpm
custom cable by cablemod
Thermaltake flow 360mm aio


2xLG 24” ips 60hz monitors
1×40” samsung smart 4k tv
corsair k70 lux keyboard, cherry mx reds, (modded keycaps, sanded down all 4 sides to let the light pass through better)
corsair glaive rgb mouse
corsair ledstrips with lighting node pro
corsair MM800 mouse pad
corsair HS70 headset
corsair ST100 rgb headset stand
elgato stream deck mini
sound blasterX kratos S5 rgb sound system
Blue yeti pro black (mic)
xbox one s (modded)
google home mini

everything that says custom is made or modded by me

Nanoleaf 12 pannels with bluetooth hub
custom desk
custom led desk lamps
custom in wall shelf
6 gundams

Aprox 5000$ for everything in this setup, including chair, wire extentions, paint, ect ect, and the price is canadian and prices taken from all my order history

the wallpaper im using is from steam wallpaper engine

my instagram is st_modz
my reddit is u/stmodz